So, who are we...

Founded in 2019, TechX is started by a group of engineers with shared interest in high fidelity audio and immersive home theater experience. Realizing the high barrier entry into HiFi/HT in Malaysia, our aim is to offer a platform for everyone to start somewhere.  

Here you'll find not only the most affordable but also highly raved about non-mainstream brands like Monolith, Monoprice, Parts Express, Dayton Audio, Micca, JDS Labs, Topping, SMSL, Status Audio, Koss, JLabs Audio, Betron and more. 

Also, check out our blog page. We've collated the very best 'how-to install & set-up' articles, equipment reviews/ tear down, DIY projects, 'explain like I'm five' - friendly posts & more...

Bottom line is...not everything deserves your time and attention, we hope we've earned yours!

“I have always appreciated high-fidelity sound reproduction. However, a lot of my friends never got involved because of the significant barriers to entry. Therefore, we created a HiFi/HT platform to offer quality products/price ratio so that everyone can enjoy high quality sound easier & cheaper than before.

As part of TechX’ vision, we strive to uphold a culture that defines who we are and shapes what we aspire to be, Your Favourite Audio Store! As such, we are committed to provide best value for money products, seamless online shopping experience, great customer service and after sales support.”  

Founder Director

Graduated top of class as a Petroleum Engineer and is working for an international energy company. He’s passionate about bringing audiophile sound quality at prices everyone can afford.

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