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Topping DX7s DAC & Headphone Amplifier

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Our Take

Fully Balanced DAC/Amp With Notable Improvements

"It’s not often that a fully balanced DAC/Amp comes along at a price like this. The Topping DX7s improves upon the well-regarded DX7 by taking both the DAC and headphone amp sections up a notch. It features two ES9038 DAC chips and a more powerful amplifier — especially the four-pin balanced out, which is rated at 1,000 mW x2 at 32 ohms and 546 mW x2 at 300 ohms (compared to the original DX7, which outputted 420 mW at 300 ohms). Equipped with two XLR outputs, a coaxial input and output, and a USB input, the DX7s can be paired with a computer or used as the center of an audio setup. It can run either 110V or 220V, has a power mode switch on the left side, and is complete with an OLED display."


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TOPPING DX7s is a full balanced DAC & headphone amp with USB, Coaxial, Optical, AES input and Line Out, XLR, 6.35 headphone and balanced headphone output. Besides, DX7s also have a USB to Coaxial output, you can use it as a digital interface even when it is turned off.

DX7s use XMOS(XU208) + 2x ES9038Q2M + 4x OPA1612 for DAC, in addition, DX7s use customized drivers (Win 7 or above) from Thesycon, all these factors makes DX7s support 32bit/768kHz and DSD512(Native). You can see the detail info from the 2.23 inch OLED screen while DX7s is working. DX7s use 2 x TPA6120 for balanced headphone amp, providing maximum 1000mW x 2@32ohm load.

Product Details

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Versatility and efficiency

The Topping DX7s with its "form factor" and its 32bit 768kHz capabilities offers many configuration possibilities. Combining the functions of DAC, digital preamplifier and high impedance headphone amplifier, it will meet most needs with a high-performance balanced headphone output.

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The fully symmetrical design of this DAC based on Es9018Q2M 2 chips gives it high technical qualities with crosstalk and insignificant floor noise. Each conventional PCM SPDIF digital input has a galvanic isolation transformer. The Topping Dx7s offers at a studied price of the services rarely reached.

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Dual-stage analog real symmetric

The analog placement of this DAC is symmetrical to the output of Both ES9038Q2M. The analog portion features separate OP amps For Each left and right audio quality original Texas Instrument channel.

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A Balanced HiFi Headphone section

The DAC headphone Topping DX7s offers optimum performance thanks to two TPA6112A2 amps. In addition to Supporting the DSD / DXD and sampling rates of up to 32bit / 768kHz, it benefits from a similar course PARTICULARLY output neat That can attack the market-leading audiophile headphones was 4 pin XLR symmetrical output.

This Allows the DX7 to offer a lower color tone and consequently a faithful reproduction, has very low distortion and a great linearity. You gain in dynamics, details and neutrality.

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Tech Specs

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