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Float Acoustic XF587 Suspension Speaker Stand

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Our take

For Desktop Speakers and Studio Monitors

The XF587 is the first flagship stand of Float Acoustic. With the idea of “Redefine Every Sound We Hear, Unleash The Purest Sound” in mind, Float Acoustic took no compromise in every tiny detail when creating the best desktop stand for you. The XF587 suspension speaker stand is designed to let you hear something you would have never imagined before. So, sit still and let your studio monitors or speakers “FLOAT” on top of the XF587 while enjoying the purest audio quality with improved sound stage & stereo image in your room or studio!

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Product details


  1. Finest quality and durable rubberized isolators.
  2. Premium curved design.
  3. Compact and ideal for anyone with limited room space for any floor stand.
  4. Secure your studio monitors/speakers at firm placement with strong friction grip.
  5. 4 pieces of ultra-rugged 4″ metal rod to withstand up to 30kg of speaker per stand.
  6. Ability to adjust the best listening angle from even to steepest.
  7. Effectively reduces resonance vibration through different supporting surfaces.
  8. Supporting any 4″ – 8″ studio monitors/speakers.

Your Bass Doesn’t Sound Right. Your Mix Isn’t Accurate As Expected.

Yes, you probably have not isolated the sound vibration resonating through your supporting surface. Your supporting surface could be made of different materials such as wood, steel, or plastic. Since these surfaces do not isolate or absorb as much vibration as possible, you will miss out on a lot of sonic details while your speakers are performing their job. With an XF587 suspension speaker stand, you are isolating from the resonating vibration and decoupling from the supporting surface. You get a tighter and solid bass response, full body on mid, greater clarity on high. That’s how the magic works!

Focus On Your Mix & Music With Confidence

As listeners, we always want the ideal stereo sound field reproducing from our speakers. The XF587 suspension speaker stand introduces the ability of angle adjustment from the even to the steepest to avoid poor listening angle. With this feature, your speaker’s tweeter can be flexibly pointed to ear level. You can focus on your mix and music with more confidence now.

Premium Build Quality That Won’t Break Your Piggy Bank

While maintaining XF587 affordable for everyone, Float Acoustic strive to push the build quality of XF587 beyond the limit without compromising costs. It features a modern curved design on its top and bottom isolator. The compact isolator surface is rubber coated in a smooth and premium feel. The intense friction grip ensures your studio monitors or speakers firmly secure in place. Float Acoustic's ultra-rugged 4″ metal rod supports any studio monitors/speakers from 4″ to 8″.

Tech specs

TypeDesktop Suspension Stand
ColourMatte Black
Length  210 mm
Width175 mm
Height90 - 127 mm
Weight1.2 kg

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