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SMSL SP200 Best Budget THX Amplifier in Malaysia

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Our take

"Featuring the flagship THX-888 chipset, the series above Drop + THX AAA 789 and it's the same chipset used in Benchmark HPA4 Headphone/ Line Amplifier (~USD 3099>). SMSL SP200 is the first THX amplifier that human beings can actually afford to use it!" Zeos

AudioScience Review

Product details

The SMSL SP200 THX Headphone Amp is the newest product in the SMSL lineup with the top of the line audiophile high power grade THX AAA-888 technology. This technology allows for the highest fidelity with extreme output power and ultra-low crosstalk for a high-quality, low distortion sound. This amp is versatile and can be used to drive a variety of headsets/earbuds including those that have high impedance, require high current, or need high sensitivity.

The THX patented AAATM 888 is a linear bipolar amplifier circuit with feedback error correction. It eliminates the distortion mechanism of traditional amplifier circuits, reducing harmonics, intermodulation, and cross-distortion by as much as 40 dBs. This creates a realistic fatigue-free listening experience.

The SP200 comes with a built-in AC power supply and is equipped with XLR and RCA inputs. The front panel has XLR and quarter inch jack outputs, options for switching between different inputs, and choosing high or low gain. A detailed review for the SP200 and its performance is provided by Amir on Audio Science Review.

The SP200 has a balanced stereo headphone output, a balanced stereo line input, comes with high precision resistors for temperature stability, and a patented 24W high-efficiency ultra-low noise power supply. Its measured distortion is as low as 0.000078% with a signal-to-noise ratio of 122.2 dB. The CNC aluminum alloy shell chassis reduces the interference and noise to improve the amplifier’s performance.


"In the past, I believed that a top-performing headphone amp with top specs and sonics can be only achieved at over $1,000. SMSL proved me wrong on so many levels with its SP200, it offers a balanced sound across the board and delivers truly high-end sonics without murdering your wallet." - Sandu Vitalie from Soundnews.  

Audio Science Review Highlights:

"THX seems to have revolutionized the mid to high-priced headphone amplifier market. It provides a winning combination of vanishingly low distortion and tons of power." - Amir on ASR

"Great to see a new price point also in THX amps. You can add a $100 DAC to SP200 and still be cheaper than the other THX offerings. Needless to say, it is my absolute pleasure to recommend the SMSL SP200. It makes THX headphone amplifiers more affordable and gets rid of clutter on your desk to boot" - Amir on ASR

Tech specs

InputsBalanced x1, Unbalanced x1
OutputsBalanced x1, Unbalanced x1
Output power6W x 2 (16Ohm)
3W x 2 (32Ohm)
440mW x 2 (300Ohm)
220mW x 2 (600Ohm)
SNR130dB, A-Weighted
Output noise2.8uV, A-Weighted
THD+N-122dB, 0.00007% (1kHz, 32Ohm)
THD+N-117dB, 0.00013% (20 - 20kHz, 32Ohm, -3dB)
THD-125dB, 0.00006% (1kHz, 32Ohm)
Output impedanceNear 0 Ohm
Frequency response0.1Hz - 500kHz (-3dB)
GainLow (+6dB), High (+18dB)
Power supply voltage/ FrequencyAC100 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz
Power consumption24W
Size160 x 149 x 73mm

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