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Best Budget Hi-Res Stereo Amplifier SMSL DA-6

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Our take

The SMSL DA 6 great all rounder power amplifier, the SMSL DA 6 is suitable for customers who are looking for a amplifier with 70 Watts into 4ohm and it only has RCA inputs. and the sound as good as its bigger brother DA8s / DA9 

The only downside is that this amplifier doesnt have a subwoofer out and bluetooth. But if you are looking for a amplifier with this features than you should keep an eye out for the DA9. 

Product details

Big power, small spaces

The SMSL DA-6 is a power amplifier that outputs a serious 70W x2 of power but takes up less than six inches of space on its longest side. A member of the SMSL “-6” family, it is made to stack with the SMSL SU-6 Mini Desktop DAC and SMSL SH-6 Mini Desktop Amp. Together, they create a formidable audiophile-grade stack at an entry-level price.

Aluminum alloy CNC shell

The SMSL DA-6 is made with an aluminum alloy CNC shell. Perhaps the greatest chassis material in the world, it is strong, lightweight, and excellent at heat dissipation.

Multiple EQ presets

Make sound signature adjustments on the fly with the DA-6’s built-in EQ presets. Options like “super bass effect,” “soft effect,” and “clear effect” can correct sub-par speakers or accentuate certain frequencies when you need it.


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