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Aiyima Tube T3 MM Phono Preamplifier

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Our take

Aiyima Tube T3 HiFi Tube MM Phono Preamp for Turntable MM Phonograph Stereo Audio Tube Preamplifier with Gain Adjust for Phono Turntable Record Player.

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Multiple Input Methods

To meet your different needs, this Tube MM Phono Preamplifier has two input ways: MM signal input (MM Turntable) and 3.5mm AUX input.

Suitable For Multiple Scenarios

It can be used as a MM phono preamp or a tube preamp for amplifier, compatible with many audio devices such as MM record player, CD players, DAC, phone, TV, MP3 players, computers and so on.

Package Comes With A Pair Of 6A2 Tubes

Easy tube replacements (can be replaced with 6J1,6J2.6K4.GE5654.6AK5.6Ж1п.) Sounds warm, dynamic and sweet, bringing extremely high-quality listening experience.

With DC12V Power Supply

With gain adjustment switch, convenient to match better with different audio signals, lossless transmission, perfectly suitable for MM record players and other audio sources.

Excellent Appearance And Strong Structure

The mini MM tube Preamplifier build quality is surprisingly solid, metal shell, exquisite appearance design, nice touch! Reasonable internal structure ensures HiFi sound quality and low noise, lets you enjoy sweet and warm sound quality.

Product details

Aiyima Tube T3 MM Phono Preamplifier 13.jpg

The Aiyima Tube T3 is a 2-in-1 tube preamplifier for your home stereo.

You can connect your phono/turntable to it using the MM RCA plug that has a ground wire.

OR you can connect your music player like your smartphone, your MP3 player, CD player or other other audio component using the 3.5mm plug AUX input.

Then connect the preamp to your Aiyima (or other brand) amplifier that is connected to your speakers.

This is great for a newer receiver that does not have Phono plugs since it is RIAA compliant.

Or it can work with an older stereo receiver and will provide that warm tube sound. (You cannot connect a turntable to a receiver without PHONO in because the signal from the turntable is low and needs a preamp like our Tube T3).

Aiyima Tube T3 MM Phono Preamplifier 14.jpg

With Gain Adjustment Design

The Tube T3 allows you to fine tune the sound of your music because it has three GAIN settings. LOW (39dB), MED (42dB) and HI (45dB). You have more control over your music because the MED and HI settings are like the GAIN BOOST function commonly found in portable DAC devices. It does not amplify the sound but adds a warm rich sound to your music. The Tube T3 works using a 12V adapter, included in the package.

Aiyima Tube T3 MM Phono Preamplifier 15.jpg

3.5mm AUX Audio Input

MM signal input and 3.5mm AUX Audio input selectable (AUX input priority)

Tube T3 comes stock with two high quality 6A2 vacuum tubes. Each tube is inspected and tested before shipment. You can swap out the tubes to change the tonal quality of your music using the popular and commonly available GE5654W tube. Or you can use one of these 6J1,6J2.6K4.GE5654.6AK5.6Ж1п. In total there are over a dozen vintage tubes you can use in the T3 to customize your music, whether records or audio from your music player.

Aiyima Tube T3 MM Phono Preamplifier 16.jpg

As A MM Turntable Preamp

Perfectly suitable for MM record players and Turntable.

With low-noise integrated circuits and high-quality components, and a powerful internal structure, it can convert phono signals into line-level signals to eliminate low-frequency noise and ensure clear sound quality. Designed with grounding posts to protect your turntable.

Improve your listening experience with Aiyima. Aiyima makes high quality audio equipment using the best quality IC audio components.

Aiyima Tube T3 MM Phono Preamplifier 17.jpg

Application :

It can be used as a MM phono preamp and a tube preamp; (When the preamp input is input, the phono input will automatically switch to the preamp input, 3.5mm AUX Audio input priority).

Compatible with many audio devices such as MM record player, CD players, DVD, DAC, phone, TV, MP3 players, PC, Tablet, Laptop, computers and so on.

Audio output can connect with amplifier, active speaker, etc., red to the right channel, white left channel).

"MM input" only can connect to Phono, it cannot connect analog signal input, such as Phone, PC.

Tech specs

2.0 Channel Tube Pre-amp
AUX, MM Phono
Bass & Treble Control
Active Speaker, Amplifier
DC12V 2A
- 6J2 Tubes
- MM Phono input
- JRC2068D Dual op amp chip
- Tube replaceable : (6J1,6J2.6K4.GE5654.6AK5.6Ж1п.)
Power Supply
Output Level
600mV @3mV 1KHz
Signal To Noise Ratio
Frequency Response
RIAA Compliant  
Dimensions (without protruding knobs & terminals)
118.5mm x 98mm x 33mm
Item Weight

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