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Okay, so the economy is rough and I’m low on cash - what is the cheapest/bare bones system that you recommend?

Easy. Dayton B652 and Dayton Audio DTA-1

This is RM600 for a great starter system. Most would recommend that perhaps you jump up the Dayton B652-AIR, which is the same as the Dayton B652, instead of a dome tweeter, the B652-AIR boasts a high-tech air motion transformer tweeter, an additional RM200 (making it RM800 instead). This is not a whole ton of money for a really respectable near-field setup!

If you can spring for Micca MB42X and Kinter K2020+ RM835, do so. They are a wonderful little speaker and can do many things in many places the big B652's can't. After that you just start upgrading the amp. Cheers

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